Hi! I'm thrilled to share with you female characters and photo study portraits I've created in 2023. 

I combined and mixed various art styles such as digital painting, line art, paint daubs, lighting stylizing, digital watercolor.
Hope you will enjoy the result:​​​​​​​
Lana Del Rey photo study
Billie Eilish from Met Gala
This portrait of Marylin Monroe was crafted using only the left hand. 
My goal was to learn how to draw with my left hand, but in reality, I only draw with my right hand.
Christina Hendricks digital watercolor photo study
Female character based on AI reference I made
Female character based on AI reference I made
Cyberpunk Snowmaiden / original character
Audrey Tautou digital watercolor photo study
Margot Robbie
Cansu Dere
Cansu Dere
Lana Del Rey
Milla Jovovich an Lilu
Thank you for watching

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