Hi! This is diptych illustrations about cats 🐾🐾
They are both hungry, but in different ways.
The first sketch was drawn in 2011, there was just cat sitting near puddle with autumn landscape reflection.
I decided that idea is too boring and put this art on hold.
Later in few years I was sleeping and had a dream with this composition (second sketch), then woke up and drew quick sketch.
Suddenly I remembered that I already had another sketch with cat and with top view composition.
I realised: these two sketches could work together very well if I make some changes.
On first sketch I added food instead of autumn leaves and changed colors from black to white on second sketch.
Still wasn't happy with colors and composition.
Added contrast and bright colors, but these compositions still didn't work together.
Continued to work. Composition was found at last.
In final version I removed all extra details from first illustraion.
I drew letters with help of my lettering teacher Vlada Ruzhitskaya http://rvvlada.ru/
Also she gave me some advice how to do this illustrations more interesting.
Actually I have third sketch in addition to this diptych, but didn't draw it yet.
Thanks for watching!❤️​​​​​​​

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