Hi! Today I want to show vector illustration which I made with Adobe Illustrator.
Here is step by step progress of this picture creation.
I love steampunk style so much, and always wanted to draw something in this style.
How this idea came to me:
I just was sitting doing sketches in Photoshop and didn't think about creation art of something, I was doing warm up sketches before my basic work.
So I had drawn this quick sketch which you can see in first picture below. Finished and forgot about it.
But few month later I found this sketch and decided to continue this art in Adobe Illustrator, because for me drawing geometrical things as gears and machinery are easier in vector than in raster.
So here step by ster progress:
First sketch made with Adobe Photoshop and second sketch made with Adobe Illustrator:
Continue to search composition, line, stains, light and colors.
Understood that I need referenses for hands. So I had to make photos by myself ;)
Started to draw steampunk computer and girl. Details, light, face, hands and accessories.
At last drawing was finished. Added textures and final illustration was ready.
Second version with white background of this art and details.
Mockup by LiliGraphie

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